Facelift Rejuvenation Surgery of Sonoma County

The Benefits Of Having Facelift Surgery in Santa Rosa, California

Dr Miguel Delgado-Santa Rosa Facelift Specialist
Dr Miguel Delgado-Santa Rosa Facelift Specialist

Sonoma County, California – A cosmetic surgical facelift will remove the drooping, sagging skin that causes a person to look older and larger. Many people have chosen to have Rhytidectomy, or a facelift with Miguel Delgado,MD in Santa Rosa, CA.  It is not just for those that have grown older. A facelift will also remove the wrinkles that are caused from age or too much time in the sun. The genes, eating habits and lifestyle can make a person look older sooner than they are. Smoking and obesity can cause the deep wrinkles and jowly appearance on the face and neck also.

A plastic surgery facelift in Sonoma County can restore what a person perceives as their lost identity. It can restore a youthful appearance and therefore give the person a more vibrant attitude towards life. Besides the youthful appearance, many choose to have a facelift to tighten their facial muscles or change the contour lines of their face.

Facelift surgery before and after photos
Facelift surgery before and after photos

When a person chooses to just have liposuction on their face, it could leave sagging and drooping skin. Most people choose to have the tightening done at the same time, to save the time and obtain the end results quicker. When a facelift is performed, Dr. Miguel Delgado-Cosmetic surgeon will make incisions above the hairline, behind the ears and possibly beneath the chin. There are many different techniques, and they all work.


As a person ages, the muscles and tissues under the skin weaken and begin to lose elasticity. The muscle tone in the neck and jowl area becomes slack and skin appears to hang. There are many people who cannot, mentally or emotionally, deal with the fact of aging. This may be because of their appearance, these people feel that to gain their confidence back, restore the younger side and appearance a facelift is the only method that will work for them.  Dr. Miguel Delgado, a facelift specialist, can present you with many option. Below is are a series of before and after facelift photos.



The benefits of a Sonoma County facelift surgery can have long-term effects. Many patients can remain younger and have a tighter facial look, with no sagging, even after ten years. This in turn will give them a better mental and emotional state of mind.


Having a facelift can be the turning point that some people need in their lives. This works for men and women, in any stage of life. Having a positive self-image and liking what a person sees in the mirror each day, is what is important to many. Realigning the contour of the face by tightening the muscles underneath the skin restores that younger look. The facelift surgery will often reverse the effects of the aging process. The amount of time a facelift can last, far outweighs the non-surgical methods of rejuvenation. This is measured in years, not months as in an average of six months before one must return for another filler treatment.


The advantages of a facelift far outweigh the disadvantages, as long as the person makes well informed decisions, and chooses a medical professional like Miguel Delgado,MD, FACS with training and experience in facelift surgery.


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